The Story...

A young California man came of age in the summer of 2008. Rent, bills and roommates were all about to become a reality.
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He found a small 6ft. x 6 ft. tool shed to rent out. It was all he could afford on his own. 
As a lifeguard for the City of Newport Beach throughout the summer  months; he was able to feed his hunger for the sea.

The winter months were long. He took on a telemarketing position to get by. Without  a car, he resorted to the city bus  and his bike. 

He had to work all the time, but he always managed to find his way back to the sea.  It was the only thing that could refresh his soul and fuel his passions. 
He dreamed of one day having his own family and a small home near the beach. 
sea jive, Impossible Education, Jeff Yokoyama
He always had an interest in the garment industry, and with the help of Jeffrey Yokoyama (Generic Youth, Maui & Sons, Pirate Surf) he managed to create a small clothing label. This opened up several opportunities to design for many of the world's leading surf corporations.
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As he pursued various positions throughout the global surf industry, he hoped to create a life in which his passions for the sea and his professional career would soon be woven into one. As he climbed through his career path he found himself drifting further and further away from this ideal.
Sea Jive was created in efforts to restore and rejoice over those two angles of the coastal life. To glorify the labor as well as the rewards of living along the coast.
For those who are building their life on land while finding their recreation in the sea.