Finding the Beat with Ryan Hopper AKA @hopperdoggy

Finding the Beat
is a series we are publishing on individuals that are building their lives on land and finding their recreation in the Sea.

In this first episode we follow Ryan Hopper on how he found a career path that provides a platform for his talents, and passions. Residing in Costa Mesa, CA; Ryan goes by the alias of @hopperdoggy. He is well known in the Fishing community and has roots growing up along Southern California's beaches.

After serving our Country in the Navy, Hopper found a passion for art and tattoos. He managed to find a way to make a living and provide for a family.

He currently works out of Still Life Tattoo Parlor in Seal Beach, CA. Tattooing Clients, Family, and Friends. As well as providing an ear and a good conversation to anyone whom he crosses paths with.